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charity AnamKarat Fine Jewelry

Since the COVID-19 outbreak there are more families struggling to feed their children every day. Specially, in developing nations like Ecuador in South America.

That’s why we started thinking about how we could make a difference. In addition, with your help we can provide meals for children and give them a healthier future.

We believe we’ve found a way to help these families save their future.


With every order you make on our website, we provide three meals for children

With your contribution, we can fight malnutrition in children of Ecuador.

Our commitment is to help by providing meals for children in extreme poverty and for those who lost family members due to the COVID -19 outbreak. In fact, in Ecuador 1 out of 4 children suffer from chronic malnutrition.

We have partnered with the ‘Tree Of Life Center‘ to continue fighting malnutrition in kids from Riobamba-Ecuador.

Together we can offer a nutritionally-balanced breakfast to those who cannot afford a complete meal at home. To sum up, small acts build up to big change. Check out our fine jewelry here.

our Community

We’re a family-owned business, and we believe that job creation is a long-term solution to poverty. Hence, we work directly with families who tirelessly work in the Colombian emerald and gold mines.

We believe this approach creates a dignified strategy towards a better future.

Take a look at our emeralds collection.

charity AnamKarat Fine Jewelry